Zendesk + Stitch, updated model?

Hey there! I’ve been hunting for a stitch data + zendesk update based on Stitch’s new schema, as a followup from this thread: [Source Block] Zendesk by Stitch

Does anyone know where I might find the new block?

Here’s the old one:

I believe we’ve updated this one recently, I’m working on finding the right resource to get it updated on our blocks directory. Will update here shortly!


Thanks Izzy!

Hi @izzy, did you find anything on your side? We’re in the process of ramping up our use of Zendesk data so it would be great to get the latest block to avoid duplicating any effort. Cc @Jay_savdas

I’m on the case! Have located the updated version and am just making a pull request now. Shouldn’t be too long and it’ll be updated everywhere.

Okay, 1 minute later and that’s all merged. The original repo that @Ibby_Syed posted should now have the updated version!

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Awesome, thanks @izzy