Who uses LookML dashboards?


(Ian) #21

@abbywest hows the progress with the 3 phase plan going, any idea about a timeline for this?

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(DCL) #22

Hi Ian,

I just checked in with our product team, Phase 1a was released in 4.12, and they are still actively working on the remaining phases. You can expect more pieces to be released over the next few months!

(Andrew Kohlhoff) #23

Hi Ian,

Is it correct to say we’re not at 1b yet?

(Ian) #24

Hi Andrew, you got the wrong person here, you want @Jiro Im ian@king, was looking out for you at Join but don’t think you made it.
Im happy to make a stab at the answer being a NO though.

(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #25

Hey @andrewk,

as @IanT mentioned we are not there yet. LookML Dashboards aren’t able to be favorited, they’re technically not considered “content” since they’re not stored in-database and thus don’t live in Spaces. There is work going on it but just not yet completed.



(Andrew Kohlhoff) #26

Woops. Thanks @IanT! Both for setting me straight and realistically setting my expectations.

(Ian) #27


Is there an update on this? We are embarking on a project where lookml dashboards (at the end of the 3 phases) would be ideal. It would be great to get a feel for if the phases/steps are miles off, some steps will be ready soon or if all steps and phases are going to be released in one big bang. It would really help for planning and putting together processes at this exact moment.


(Sondra Orozco) #28

Hi Ian,
We have had to make some changes to the plan, and unfortunately we are not close to phase 3. We are getting closer to completing phase 2, but will provide this functionality via API, not through the Looker UI.

In our current plan, we’ll be addressing the desired outcomes of 1b and 2 described above by providing API endpoints for two things:

  1. letting you move a LookML dashboard to a Space where it will exist just like a User Defined Dashboard (you can already do this today in the Looker UI, but API endpoints are not yet available), and
  2. allowing syncs from LookML to the dashboards in the Space (this will enable you to make edits in LookML and push those up to the dashboard your users are interacting with).

Using this workflow, you’ll be able to continue to take advantage of the benefits of LookML dashboards, but also have a version of those dashboards living in Spaces where they can also be surfaced in Favorites and Top Content. We are targeting Q3 for delivery of those API endpoints.

(Ezra Wolfe) #29

Is there a timeline for release of phase 2?

(Sondra Orozco) #30

Hi Ezra,
We’re targeting Q3 2018 to complete phase 2 with API functionality.

(Ezra Wolfe) #31

Thanks! Are these the same API endpoints I see in now API version 3.1 experimental?

(Sondra Orozco) #32

No, they will be new endpoints.

(Andrew Kohlhoff) #33

Hi @sondra.orozco,
Are there any updates on the Lookml->Space sync functionality?

(Sondra Orozco) #34

Hi @andrewk,
Thanks for checking in on this; we’re actively working on a solution and will be in touch as soon as it’s ready.

(will.baker@wolt.com ) #35

@sondra.orozco could you give an update on the roadmap? This feature is pretty essential and we are currently using workarounds to deal with the problem.


plus 1 - we’d like to use Look ML dashboards for development and then push updates to existing dashboards in spaces without changing the dashboard URL.

(Jacopo Chiapparino) #37

Any updates?

(Izzy) #38

Check out what I told @tnebesar over here: https://discourse.looker.com/t/allow-look-ml-dashboards-to-be-saved-in-shared-spaces/10029/7.

In working to build the full feature, we’ve exposed some of the endpoints necessary to sync LookML Dashboards in the Experimental API 3.1, which you can see by logging into the interactive API docs on your instance and switching the dropdown from 3.0 to 3.1

(Jacopo Chiapparino) #39

Ok, it looks promising, but I wish to get some visibility over the future of this feature for the EOY 2019 as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain dashboards at scale :slight_smile: