Where does Looker store api3 keys by default?

In a cluster Looker environment, after migrating internal database to mySQL, Home/Shared spaces on aws-EFS and LookML on BitBucket (git)… I realized some of the developers lost access to sync with git.
Taking a look at the User api3 keys… we noticed that the key that Looker had was different from the actual git key from the repo.

To workaround this issue and prevent keys to be invalid after a migration, I would like to know where the api3 keys are stored.

I think you might be conflating two different things— The git deploy key and user API3 keys. API keys shouldn’t have any bearing on git connection (and should be different from the git key), unless you have a custom setup that I’m not familiar with.

The git deploy key, on the other hand, would affect that. I think it lives in deploy_keys/name-of_project. Let me know!