What are these __FILE and __LINE_NUM parameters in my dashboard.lookml?

I have a LookML dashboard, generated from a user dashboard.

I just noticed there are a bunch of strage __FILE and __LINE_NUM parameters randomly strewn through the file. The __FILE has the path of the dashboard lookml file. the __LINE_NUM is always somewhat close to the line its found on.

What are these parameters and are they supposed to be there?

Those should not be there, you can delete them and all should be well.

This is a strange one— Is it generating those consistently for you or is there any peculiarity about the process to generate the dashboard or the dashboard itself? I’d be interested to know if you have table calcs on the dashboard too.

If I remove them from the LookML, export to a user defined dashboard, then export that back to LookML, they reappear every time.

It seems all instances are inside the export of a tile based on merged explores.

This tile also loses its title_hidden parameter through this export cycle, as I just reported here: LookML dashboard generation sometimes loses title_hidden parameter

Thanks for those two reports, I’ve added this context to our existing reports— The merged result breadcrumb is useful.

We’re also seeing this consistently when we convert a user-designed Look to LookML.

Teresa, are you also seeing it only for dashboards including merged results?

I think this is a situation where reaching out to support via help.looker.com would be your best bet— Since they’d be able to go into your instance, check out the exact code, and copy it over to reproduce. I know our engineers’d be grateful for the opportunity to get hands on with it, if it’s consistently happening. They’ve come up with what they think would fix the issue, but since we can’t manage to replicate it, it’s hard to test the patch :slight_smile:

There are merged results elsewhere on the dashboard, I believe, but tiles are affected that do not include merged results.

I’m not empowered to open a ticket on the clients’ behalf, but I’ll suggest they do so.