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Waterfall Chart Bug - Requires a measure (table calc ❌)

The waterfall chart is really cool, but has one small bug - it strictly requires a measure, a table calculation will not work.

I made a waterfall chart visualising YoY growth, having volume as a measure, pivot by year, and then use table calculation to show my growth.

After I hide the measure, and only make my table calculation visible, the waterfall chart refuse to work, because I have no measure shown.

Can we update the visualisation to allow this?

What version of Looker are you running? I think we may have recently fixed this, but want to make sure it’s not just reappearing.

Hi Izzy,

We are on 6.22.18


Ah. I figured it out— You’re using a table calc that has some kind of pivot function in it, correct? A standard table calc based on a measure would work in a waterfall chart, but when you add a pivot function to the calc (and it shows up on the far right of the results, like in your image) it becomes something a bit different than a measure.

I’m not 100% sure if this is a bug or if it’s expected, since when you use a pivot function in the table calc the resulting calculation is dissociated from any pivot and that’s not what the waterfall chart is expecting. Either way, we’ll take a look at it and update this thread with what we think.

Thanks Izzy.
You are right about this having a pivot function in it.

However, it seems like at least a limit in functionalities if this is not supported. My output is exactly one column of measure with a dimension, which should be supported.

Furthermore, in my case, a graph is plotted if I unhide the actual orders columns, a chart is plotted with three waterfalls, one of which taking data from the column I want, so it’s definitely possible.

I guess the solution is to improve the limitation logic in the visual to allow plot in this case.


HI all, this seems like a quick fix, and make waterfalls much more useful for visualising time interval contributions. Any update on this?