Warning: Field Not Found

(Anika Kuesters Smith) #1

Meaning of Error

In Looker, you might come across a warning of this form:

The field 'view_name.created' wasn't found on view_name, and has been removed from the query

If this occurs, you are referencing a “created” field that doesn’t have a timeframe to match.

Take the following fields and drill path:

- dimension: created
  type: time
  timeframes: [ time, date, week, month ]
  sql: ${TABLE}.created

- measure: count
  type: count
  detail: detail*

  - created


You are getting this warning because the field “created,” without a timeframe appended (such as “created_date”), references a yes/no dimension based on the date. There are three ways to resolve this warning:

  1. Remove the dimension from the drill path.
  2. If you would like your drill path to include this yes/no dimesnion, simply add “yesno” to the timeframes.
  3. If you would like to see a different timeframe, simply append the timeframe to the dimension name in the set (i.e. “created_time”).

Timeframes and Dimension Groups in Looker