Using the look explore in the i__looker model

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One of the features Looker provides Admin users with is access to the Usage panel, which is a direct connection to the Looker internal database. The model built on top of this database is called i__looker and we can access specific explores within the model using Looker’s general url query structure -

For this specific case, we will want to access the look explore.

###The Look Explore
The fields accessible in the look explore are pulled from the look, user, query, and space tables. Each entry in the look table will have a distinct user_id, query_id, and space_id for the respective user who created it, set of query fields and parameters, and a space that it lives in.

Here’s how the explore looks (v. 3.26):

These tables are historical throughout the instance, thus all deleted looks and spaces still exist. One of the key points is to always filter on Table deleted date is NULL for whichever table you want to query against.

Example: I want to find a list of all active Looks on my instance, which space they live in, which users created them, and what fields are used.

Quick link - append this bad boy to your host url.

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