Using AND operator in Dashboard Filter

I am having trouble with the dashboard level filter where I have one field that I would like to set a filter for as “after today but before 4 days from now”.
To give a little context, we have a team that can calendarise follow up actions on accounts. So the team lead would like to have a dashboard that highlights what accounts her team has actioned in the past week, and in a separate look, what accounts have actions coming up in the next 4 days.
So I would like to do something like this

however, all I manage to get is the following:

but this has an ‘OR’ logic, and I want an ‘AND’ logic. Does anyone know how to do this?

Try using Matches Advanced:

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today, before 4 days ago

should give you an AND in the where statement

thnx for the reply… but nope this didnt work.
I also tried “today, 4 days from now” based on what you suggested, but that also didnt work.

However, as @kpaulson suggested “0 days from now for 4 days” works perfectly.

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Brilliant, thank you!

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I see looked then suggest/changes this to “next 4 days”.

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Just make sure this also includes the current day. I can’t say for sure if it will or not. I always have to play around with it myself!