URLs to other dashboards - applying TWO filters when linking through


The objective of what I want to do is: when a user clicks on a logo for a category, to be ‘transported’ to a dashboard drilling down into further detail which must be filtered to a. that category only and b. the comparison filter I’ve applied (vs last year or vs target). I’ve seen how you can do this for just the one filter, but I can’t get applying it to both to work :confused: !

My LookML below:

html: < a href=“https://XX.looker.com/dashboards/YY?Category={{ _filters[‘PDT.category’] | url_encode }}” >

my attempt, for this the comparison filter is applied but category filter is not working at all… !

html: < a href=“https://XX/dashboards/YY?Comparison={{_filters[‘PDT.comparison’] | url_encode }}&Category={{ _filters[‘PDT.category’] | url_encode }}” >

Google results seem to suggest liquid which I’m not familiar with yet, could anyone advise please?

You’re already using liquid! Any time those {{ double brackets }} are used, they tend to enclose a liquid block. So you’re well on your way to liquid mastery :slight_smile:.

In your case, it would be useful to see what the full generated URL is for this (You can right click on the logo and copy link address to see what html that liquid is generating for the category.

If all looks right in that URL, then perhaps you haven’t set up the dashboard filter properly? I believe for this to work, there has to be a matching filter on the dashboard with the same name. That dashboard filter must also be of type: field, not string.

If the dash is set up properly, then knowing that URL and how it looks would help suggest next steps!