Upgrading from 5 to 6

(Alex Gray) #1

We have looker version 5 working happily on-premise in AWS.
We followed the instructions here to upgrade to 6:

(our setup is an ELB with looker instances behind it using EFS as the shared drive, and RDS as the DB)

When the servers came up, the lookml project was gone. I don’t see anything in the looker logs that indicate anything went wrong.

We plan on rolling back (ie putting looker 5 back, and restoring the RDS DB)

Any ideas how we can diagnose what went wrong?

(Peggy Beard) #2

Hi @Alex_Gray!
The lookML project files should be in the filesystem in the looker/models directory, and development branches in looker/models-user-xx/.
This is definitely not expected behavior. Can you please send an email to support@looker.com so we can start some diagnostic work with you?