Up-to-date Fivetran Salesforce block for Redshift

(Simon Clark) #1

I’ve been asked to set up the Fivetran Salesforce block, and have found two github repos via the blocks directory:

The former is designed for use with BigQuery and looks like it can literally be dropped right into Looker as-is, whereas the latter is designed for Redshift and similar dialects, but has files separated into folders as well as some old-style LookML view files.

Is there a more up to date version for Redshift? I can (manually) convert the old LookML files but would obviously prefer to have a version of the block which just works.


(Izzy) #2

Getting this some visibility from our blocks gurus. It looks to me like those submodules don’t really exist in the BQ version, so it’s possible that since the base directory was updated not long ago, that base directory is the same thing as the BQ block. I’d give the base a try, first, as that should e drag and drop.

I’ll try and get someone to jump in on here with some info about the submodules.


(Simon Clark) #3

Thanks Izzy, I’ve started setting up what I can but it’d be good to get more info if there is any. It doesn’t help that I haven’t worked with Salesforce data much so it’s all new to me!

Nice to meet you at JOIN by the way and play some speed-jenga :smiley:

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(Izzy) #4

Yep, looks like that’s not available internally/hasn’t been updated for redshift. Like you said, the model s will be helpful since you can see the logic! But it’ll require some syntax rebuilding. If you end up doing it, submit a PR!

And very fun to meet you— I think you called it “Danger Jenga” :laughing:

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(Izzy) #5

Actually, I felt bad for casting you out into the wilds on your own.

I updated the submodules to new LookML! I did it somewhat blindly, so it’s worth testing. I haven’t tested & merged yet (will soon), but if you want to sneak preview, here’s my branch:

Let me know if anything seems wonky.

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