Unlinked filters raise error on PDF download

Very obscure issue, but we’ve found that if you have a dashboard with tiles that include merge queries, if you add a filter and do not actually have it do anything (i.e. don’t set what fields it should update) then when you try to export to PDF you get the following error:

Making a merge result with filters requires the filters array to be the same length as the number of source queries

This is not a very helpful error to receive, especially as I didn’t personally make this dashboard. I assume there are other conditions that could raise this error but again it’s not clear what these might be. Could this either be explained better, or a help topic made to explain what this means? Thanks.

We had this error again today but in this instance both filters were set to update fields within the merge queries. The user who raised this states that the same export has worked before, so is it possible something in the latest update has broken the PDF export for dashboards with merges and filters?