Unknown parameter "indexes" in derived table definition

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I’m using an off-shelf block for Jira. When I try to validate LookML, it shows a warning of ‘Unknown parameter “indexes” in derived table definition.’ I’ve checked the manual for indexes in derived table and the code seems following the instruction to exact. Any suggestion on potential fix here?

Thank you!

view: looker_calendar {
derived_table: {
persist_for: "24 hours"
      DATEADD(day,CAST(numbers.number AS INT), '2013-01-01') as series_date
  FROM ${looker_numbers.SQL_TABLE_NAME} AS numbers ;;
  indexes: ["series_date"]

(Dirty Looker) #2

Hey @Yisi_Wang,

This block was originally for Postgres or MySQL, if your connection is something else like Redshift, we use sortkeys:

You may have to pursue the documentation on which parameter to swap that out to:

(Yisi Wang) #3

Hi mikhailxu,

Thank you for reaching out! We are using BigQuery, should I still use sortkeys in this case?

Thank you!

(Dirty Looker) #4

Hey @Yisi_Wang,

Apologies for my delayed reply! For Bigquery it should be partition_keys: