Unable to Retain colours of conditional formatting on a table


(Peter McCabe) #1

I have had a number of complaints that clients have no easy way to print a table or save a table that includes conditional formatting so that the client can share this internally within their organization. The colours are not maintained when downloaded to an Excel document, the printing of the table is a mess due to the rendering as well as printing to PDF. Some clients were downloading to the HTML and sharing the data that way but now the rendering doesn’t seem to be maintained and I can’t find an easy workaround.

This is a great feature, however, like printing in general, it seems to have only been half thought out as it’s not easy to share the data with users who don’t have access to the looker BI portal.

(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #2

Hi @pmccabe,

Thanks for escalating this. We are aware of this and I am happy to add your use case to our Product team attention. You are correct at the moment conditional formatting would not go through with csv downloads only png/pdf. The work is being done in this direction. Thanks for the patience.