Unable to order columns in results set


Looker groups columns by “type” in the results set (dimensions, measures, & table calculations). I can rearrange columns within these classifications, but not outside of them. Having control over the order in which table contents are consumed is pretty fundamental to dashboarding and data visualization. Is this a bug? A misguided feature? If so, could it be changed?

(Alex Hancock) #2

+1 Also would be useful to be able to display metrics in rows

(Colin) #3

Hi Ross,

This is neither a misguided feature nor a bug, but just a area of product where we have expanded the out-of-the-box abilities of yet. We’d love to have more ability to rearrange columns, but right now share the typical limits you see in other pivottables.

For any quick needs, table calculations should be able to let you prepare data as you’d like to lay it out. We also hope to expand column rearranging significantly in the table visualization in the next 18 months.



Table calculations prevent the use of drill fields, right?

(Colin) #5

Correct, right now there is no drill support with table calculations, but it’s another feature we’re aiming for in 2017.

(Kristin) #6

Hi there! Any update on when column order will be enabled? Or is there a way to customize a filter to have column order in it? Thank you!

(dion) #7

Hi Kristin, that is not possible in the product today but I will relay your feedback to our Product team.

(Jonathan Samples) #8

Ya, I need this too.

(Ryan Dunlavy) #9

Hey Jonathan, thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass along that this is a feature you’d like to see.

(Blake West) #10

I’d also appreciate this.

(Patricio Munari) #11

+1 for this feature.



We would love to define the ordering of our product lines in a non-alphabetic and consistent way as some of them are somewhat grouped together though alphabetically far apart.


+1 Few (if any) of our dimensions are prioritized alphabetically.

(Ravi Mody) #14

+100 :slight_smile: this has been preventing fairly basic use-cases for presenting tabular data intuitively (end-users don’t care how the column is generated!)

I haven’t been able to find any kind of work-around - I can create table calculations, but these can’t have ‘total’ rows.