Totally Accurate Game of Thrones Predictions Based on Data

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As a data analyst, I believe everything can be explained using data. Therefore, having never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, I am putting forth these totally accurate predictions and findings. I stand behind my analysis 100% because it is based on numbers and logic and not any emotional attachment to the characters that may cloud my judgement. I’ve included receipts of my analysis so don’t come for me. Follow the links to see for yourself.

  1. Oberyn Martell is impotent and his wife Ellaria likes women.
    Based on my analysis, Oberyn has only had sex when he has paid for it. It also shows that he and his wife have only had sex when it was part of a 5-way with 3 female prostitutes. Clearly, they are in an unhappy marriage to hide their insecurities.

  2. Snow White is vicious
    Looking at the most deadly characters based on kills per minute of screen time, it is clear that the happy forrest animals are not very nice in this story. 4 of the top 5 deadliest characters are birds. Snow White has clearly released her pent-up wrath from being asleep for the first few seasons of the game. The Storm Troopers also seem to be particularly deadly.

  3. The House of Tyrell is weak and won’t win .
    In terms of deaths per kill, the House of Tyrell comes in at the bottom of the barrel. They have been killed so many more times than they have killed. Clearly they will not win the crown.

  4. The House of Dorathki is most likely to be eliminated in this season.
    Based on the % of the house still alive and their death-to-kill ratio, the House of Dorathki is most likely to be eliminated next. Following that, the House of Baratheon is the next most likely to be wiped out. Theoretically, the House of Stark could be eliminated next since there are so few left. But, I have faith that Tony will invent something to save the family blood line and win the chair.

  5. The winner of the game will come from the House of Clegane
    Based on the data above, the House of Clegane is clearly the most bad-ass house there is. They are all still alive and are totally slaying (pun intended) the game. Dust off the crown and sceptre now because these beasts didn’t come to play.

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