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Tooltip honouring the value format

I got a request from one stakeholders to not bother showing values like 456 124 but instead just 456K.

I achieved that by using value formatting 0, "K" but unfortunately the tooltip still shows the full value.

The reason behind my wish is the fact that with such high numbers a small discrepancy between different looks/graphs may occur and that is okay. These numbers are supposed to be for guidance only rather than seeing if something is off by 10.

I wonder if I can do any of the following:

  1. Disable the tooltip completely
  2. Make tooltip honour the format
  3. Apply the same format in different place

Value formatting is not working on visualizations also somehow.

In LookML:

value_format: “0.00”

Looks like a bug on Looker side.

We patched this one up, the fix for it is present in Looker 6.12.20+. Drop a line here if after upgrading to at least that version, you’re still seeing something off.

Thanks for reporting!

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We’re now on 6.14 but the tooltip still has mind on his own :smiley:


I’m having this issue on a stacked percentage area chart, was there ever any resolution or workaround?

Not that I’ve heard of I’m afraid