Tip: How to filter a table calculation

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Hi all,

I didn’t find this in the forums, but I figured out an easy workaround so I thought I’d share.

Say you want to filter a table calculated variable called CalculatedOrders, and only plot where CalculatedOrders>3

All you need to do is to create a new new table calculation called FilteredCalculatedOrders:

if(CalculatedOrders<=3, null, CalculatedOrders)

Then, once you have your plot, go to the Edit label and turn off “Plot Null Values”

Hope this helps :smile:

Thanks to @Alejandro_Aguilera_R from support for help with this one!

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As of version 3.28, it’s now possible to filter visualizations via table calculations by hiding No values from a table calc that returns Yes or No! Read more about how here.