Timeline value has wrong format

I can’t get the values for the timeline viz to show up correctly. Our measure format is set to decimal_1, and it shows properly in the table, but the viz shows very long decimals. Also the value format configuration field changes the format for the dates on the x-axis, and not the value of the plotted lines.

If I understand this piece correctly, I can’t seem to reproduce this. Here’s an image of it seeming to work everywhere for me.

The value formatting, though, I do see plain as day. Passing it over to engineering.

It looks like you are using whole numbers for the Score value, try something with decimals.

Oh, that part of the issue I did replicate successfully and pass over to engineering. I had just taken a screenshot before testing that part (with a decimal).

You’re saying that the date formatting applied in the visualization settings area only applies to the axis, not the actual timeline bars themselves?

For the Value Format field I was expecting the “value” to be the measure that is displayed and not the axis format… so maybe a misunderstanding on my part.

Yep, the value format option in the viz changes the x-axis format rather than the measure. I didn’t know that either at first and was getting some crazy results.

You could totally still change the measure’s formatting in the Lookml using value_format, if that’s still something you want to do.

Our value_format in the lookml is already set to decimal_1. I was trying to use the value format in the UI to override the fact that it isn’t respecting the lookml definition

Filed this with the engineering team and it’s been triaged— It’s not up for this current cycle of dev work but is now in the belly of the beast and will be fixed! Thanks for reporting, Steve.