Table & Table-Next Conditional formatting not working

Table and Table-Next (Beta) conditional formatting seems to be broken.

If not all fields were selected to conditional formatting then all selected fields have disappeared from conditional formatting after version update and if you want to re-add those fields then they still disappear after saving and refreshing.

Pretty bad bug for us :weary:

We have the same issue, all conditional formatting is gone from the both table and table-next visualizations

Thanks for reportingā€” Looks like we already opened investigations into this yesterday and are currently in the triage stage. Iā€™ll update here when I get more information, but if you need more immediate updates or assistance on this, you should reach out to support on chat or via


same issue here, we are pretty stuck too
look forward to an update.
thank you

Checking in hereā€” Sorry for the delay! Weā€™ve prioritized this highly and are actively working on itā€” A fix will be out soon, and Iā€™ll be in touch at that time.

Again, Iā€™ll be updating here, but if you want a real-time update at any time the best resource will be to contact support via or in-app chat.

Thanks for all your patience!

Can we expect a hotfix or we need to wait for the 6.22?

Depending on that we know how to temporary fix related looks and dashboards.


This has been fixed & backported to 6.20ā€” You can reach out to the Department of Customer Love at for all things update related and theyā€™ll make sure youā€™re on the right version for the fix.