Table column width bug

Hello! I’ve noticed an odd bug with column widths in dashboard table elements, where the widths get misaligned. See image:

As you can see, the column widths in the table body don’t match the table widths in the headers. This appears to happen when the table is loaded from the cache, as it disappears when I click Clear Cache & Refresh. However, I can’t seem to reproduce this reliably, as it doesn’t always happen when the table is loaded from cache.

Has anyone else experienced this? Solutions?



Hey @mchatham, would you be able to visit with the details of the browser and operating system you are using, as well as your version of Looker? Thanks!


Sure thing. Thanks Ryan.

We have this same issue - how were you able to resolve it?

I spotted this once as well, reloaded page and it fixed itself. Will keep and eye out for it again and take a screenshot

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@Kyle_Webb @IanT it was not resolved

I spoke to Support and the engineering team knows about it (maybe from when you raised it) but no ETA on a fix yet.

Yeah it happens to us quite frequently. If it does happen, one way to get it to “reset” is to scroll down in the table, then the columns will suddenly re-align. Or, as I just found out, resizing the browser window will also work.
But not really a good solution for our end users (who are paying clients).


Yup, that’s what I found as well. Good additional info that resizing will fix it too! Thanks.

I’ve been noticing this issue and it’s particularly obvious on this table, which is an issue for our clients. The first column has a long string of text that makes the misalignment even worse. It does fix itself if you reload or refresh the Look, but makes a pretty bad first impression when someone first loads the page.

Is this still on Looker’s radar to fix? See my comment from Aug 14 for a screenshot. I have Windows 10 and currently using Looker 6.16.11, but this has been an issue on all versions we’ve had.

Hey Haley— This is fixed in Table-next, which although currently experimental will eventually replace the normal table visualization. So in terms of “On our radar to fix”, that’s a definite yes, though I’m not sure if we plan to also fix it in the existing Table visualization or just wait for Table-next to replace it. I will ask and come back with the answer to that question!

Okay, got clarity on that. Table-next is going to be landing in a more robust way in the next couple of months, we’re wrapping up the final pieces. In light of that, we aren’t currently going to prioritize fixing this in the current but soon-to-be-old version of the table viz.

Thanks! My experience with Table-Next beta has been pretty buggy, so looking forward to using the fully tested version :+1: