Table calculations of totals and row totals?


+1 from me
+2 from my engineers who wish Looker had this feature
+3 from my analysts who avoid using Looker because it lacks features like this

(Desiree) #22

Thanks, @jbroberg, Iā€™ve passed along your feedback to the Product team. And thank you for the details on who in your company is interested in this feature.

(Menashe Hamm) #23

Iā€™ll add my +1 to the pile.

(Max Glantzman) #24

+1. Analysts here ask about this regularly.

(Alex R) #25

Adding a +1 in hopes this gets prioritized

(Greg Roberts) #26

+1 here.

Astonishing that this has been open so long. Seems like a very small thing to implement.

(Ari Sigal) #27

+1 for this feature

(gavin.wims) #28

Just an update on this, folks - the Product team is still actively considering adding table calc totals and they are well aware of the level of demand that exists for this feature. It might be worth checking back with us in a few weeks as there may be a positive update by that time.

(Ezra Wolfe) #29

+1 on this :sunglasses:

(leticia.esparza) #30

Hey @Ezra_Wolfe,

I was sure to relay the feedback to the product team. Thanks for letting us know that this is something youā€™d like to see!



(Marie Beaugureau) #31

As of Looker 6.2, table calculations now work with totals. See this documentation page for more information.