Tabbed dashboard

Is it possible to create a tabbed dashboard? This would essentially combine two or more dashboards within a single dashboard, viewable by selecting the tabbed navigation.



Hadn’t thought of this but there’s a few cases where this kind of feature could possibly be useful in our company!

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According to my knowledge, I don’t think so. Only option is provide links to open a another look/dashboard in a new window. Hope they’ll have one in the next releases.

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I think the new Story feature in Looker 7 might help with this. Heard it at the conference last week.

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I really wish that’s a feature!

For now, we’re using this workaround :


Added a line of icons to the left using HTML in text boxes, and hyperlinked them to relevant dashboards.


very nice!

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@krishpotluri do you have any documentation on how to create those icons and links?

I don’t have any documentation but here is the code snippet:

<p align="center">
<a href="your dashboard URL" >
<img border="0" alt="altText" src=" your image URL"
height="55" width="60">
<p align="center"> <i>
<font size = "2">
Your Title 

I hosted my icons on cloud storage and used public URLs.
Tweak this HTML a little bit according to your requirement and you should have this working. :slight_smile:


Thank you!!

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What Looker version are you using? I’m having trouble seeing any icons show up despite hosting on google drive with public URLs.

Just an offhand guess, but oftentimes google drive links aren’t actually to the raw image, but rather to a google drive page that has the image and a space for comments, sharing, etc— When embedded in HTML that won’t actually display the image. You could try testing with something like imgur just to see if it’s a google drive specific issue.

You’re right. @izzy Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile:

@simone.b For security and maintenance reasons, I used my company’s Google Cloud Storage (created a new bucket) to host the images.

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+1 to tabbed dashboards.

Hi @simone.b

Could you please point me to which Story feature you’ve referred to now that we are deep in V7?

Many Thanks,

This would be really helpful in putting together a few dashboards in one place.