System Activity Pages with AWS RDS MySQL DB


(Alex Gray) #1

We practice “infrastructure as code” (aka “nothing is done manually”) in our AWS environment to create Looker’s resources: EFS, MYSQL RDS, ASG, ELB, etc. etc.

I noticed to enable “System Activity Pages” in Looker we have to manually run:

grant all on <DB_name>.* to <DB_username>@'%';
grant all on looker_tmp.* to '<DB_username>'@'%';

The looker.jar file’s looker-db.yml already has full admin access to the DB, so I would expect the looker.jar the ability to do all this.

Are there plans to not have this step be done manually? I guess I can create a script to run those commands when we are creating a new DB, but that is one more thing I’ll have to maintain.

(Izzy) #2

I think those seem like appropriate commands to run at DB creation & set up time/include in your creation script.

I chatted with some people in DevOps over here, and it seems like we don’t have plans to include those steps by default.

(Alex Gray) #3

The weird is that I ran the “grant all” commands on the DB and I can’t tell if it’s working or not.

Both looker clusters (the one that I ran “grant all” on and the one that I did NOT run “grant all” on) look the same (System Activity works fine on both looker clusters):

(Izzy) #4

I think part of the confusion might be that the permission granting step is part of the initial looker DB set up. Are you sure that you haven’t run grant all on both? Or at least grant select?

It’s possible that system activity runs fine with the grants you would have run as part of initial setup. This may be just a discrepancy in our documentation, I’ll look into it.