Syntax Deprecations (3.46+)

As of Looker 3.46, several types of syntax have been deprecated. All three situations are unusual so you probably will not see any changes and will not need to take any action.

  • If you have scoping: true in your code, you should remove it. There is no change in the functionality. We do not expect anyone to have scoping: false but anyone who does should transition to the standard viewname.fieldname syntax.
  • The $$ operator was deprecated in release 3.46 and removed in release 3.50. Use the ${TABLE} operator instead.
  • Join declarations now are only allowed in explore definitions. All other locations are deprecated. Joins defined in the view can typically be moved to the explore without changing any functionality or else replaced by defining a derived table. If two explores share the join, you can define the join in each explore. Alternatively, you can define the join once and use an extend parameter to inherit the join definition in other explores.