Suggestions for moving Looker data to Salesforce?



Does anyone have recommendations for a tool we can use to sync Looker data to Salesforce?

Note that we’d like to actually sync data from Looker to Salesforce rather than embedding a Looker dashboard within Salesforce which I know is also possible.

We’re hoping there is a tool out there that can handle this without too much engineering effort using the Looker API or the soon to be released Looker webhooks.

(brettg) #2

@jesko - Zapier or similar services should make this very easy with Looker’s new webhook functionality(“catch” the POST from looker and build an “action” to update or create a salesforce object based on data from the looker request). To date, I have used a salesforce python library in conjunction with the looker API to build a simple script to enrich salesforce records.


Thanks @brettg we’ll take a look at that.

(Andrew Kraemer) #4

I went to the JOIN conference last week. One of my favorite presentations was the SalesForce :: looker integration session.

I’m sure one of the Looker support people could get a hold of the PowerPoint presentation, but the workflow was something like this:

  1. Import SFDC data into your looker-connected database (via simple salesforce python job, fivetran, or whatever ETL process you use).
  2. Create looks using the SFDC data
  3. Make looks public
  4. Put use public look URL into a VisualForce page.
  5. (optional) pass SFDC logic (such as user id, client id, etc) into Look URL to auto filter looks.

Hope that helps! I am currently in the process of building this out at my company.


(Samantha Fischer) #5

@jesko Did this work for you? I am trying to tackle a similar issue.