SQL runner changing case of table name

(Devin Zuczek) #1

We have a table called ScormPackage

The query is

SELECT * from dw_coretest.ScormPackage

But when Looker runs it, it ends up being:

SELECT * from dw_coretest.scormpackage

which fails. It looks like it is auto-lowercasing any table name. I can force the table name with “” which does work, but I feel should not be necessary.

SELECT * from dw_coretest."ScormPackage"

(quinn.morrison) #2

Hi @djdevin ,

What sql dialect are you using here? Some dialects do require this extra syntax to deal with case sensitivity and special characters when queried. I can certainly let our product team know that you would like sql runner to be able to handle these situations without additional syntax required. We appreciate the feedback!



(Devin Zuczek) #3

Postgresql - not a big deal because I was able to wrap the table name in quotes in the view LookML.

Just slightly inconvenient because doing any sort of exploring/select directly from SQL runner requires putting in the quotes manually.