[Source Block] Zendesk by Stitch

What insights does this block offer?

Reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and identify and reward outstanding performance by leveraging the pre-built analyses in Stitch’s Zendesk block. This Block includes three dashboards which provide analysis on agent performance, ticket submissions, and overall customer support metrics. Each dashboard and insights they uncover are described below. For full views into the complete dashboards, please reach out to your assigned Looker analyst.


  • View ticket submissions over time to understand the level at which your customers are leveraging your support team.
  • See the breakdown of ticket submissions by channel to understand where most of your support requests are generated.
  • See your top 20 all-time agents, requesters, and organizations by number of tickets to see identify the key players in customer support.
  • See a ticket tag breakdown over time to understand how customer priorities have shifted.

Agent performance

  • Monitor your support team’s all-time reply and resolution time to measure against SLAs.
  • See how your team’s response and reply time have fluctuated over time to identify trends and opportunities for improvement or celebration.
  • View the number of tickets solved, average reply time, and average resolution time broken down by group to understand the workload for different groups and more efficiently manage resources.
  • Identify top performers in your organization

Ticket Submissions

  • Evaluate the volume at which organizations are submitting tickets to identify which organizations are requiring the most attention of your team.
  • Identify how average tickets per organization changes over time to see whether documentation, tutorials, demos, and product changes or releases are taking a load off your team.
  • See ticket submission volume by hour of the day and day of the week to more efficiently allocate resources.

How to implement this block

The LookML for this block can be found in this Github repo. You can either download the entire block into your Looker application by following the directions outlined here, or selectively migrate pieces of the block by simply copying + pasting the block LookML into your Looker instance.

If you don’t have a Github account, we encourage you to create one for easy access to this block. If you don’t have access to the repo, or cannot make a Github account, please contact a Looker Analyst or email and we’d be happy to help.

Thanks! Would you be able to provide an updated block, which has been updated to use Looker’s new markup language?

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Hey @ross thanks for your question. We plan on updating this to the new LookML, though it’s at least a few weeks out. I’d expect that to be done early Q1. If you have specific questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to your support analyst or Customer Success Manager :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the update, Dillon!

Any update on updating to new LookML?

Hey @Simon_Holstein great timing. We’re nearly done updating the entire Block based on the new schema that Stitch recently introduced. We can provide you early access to the model right now if you’d like.

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That would be great! Thankfully I only started on manually updating the first two views :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Dillon_Morrison When are you planning to release a new block.

@Dillon_Morrison I would love early access to the new model as well!