Sort drill preview

(Brian Winkle) #1

Is it possible to sort a drill preview by one of the columns? By default, Looker seems to sort by the first measure, but it would be useful to tag a column as the one we’d like the drill to be ordered by.

Dashboard Dynamic sort
(vincent) #2

Hi @Brian_Winkle

Right now it is not currently possible to change the which columns to apply the sort on. Right now, Looker automatically does this for you. What Looker defaults to first is if there is a time type dimension, it will sort on that column. If there isn’t, then it will default the first measure in the drill set. I can, however, pass your feedback to our Product team.


(Ivan Printis Jr) #3

Has this been addressed in any new release?

(Izzy) #4

Hey Ivan,

We’re still working on this, but I’ll definitely pass along to the product team that more people are interested in this feature. Thanks for being invested in making Looker even better!


(Jordan K) #5

+1 for this feature, we commonly include a date dimension in drill sets for clarity of what the drill is looking at, but would love to be able to sort by other more interesting dimensions/measures. Being able to prescribe the sort field would be great but even the user being able to interactively sort the drill-thru modal would be very useful.

(Desiree) #6

Thanks, Jordan. I will pass along this feedback to our product team. Really appreciate when our customers come on and let us know what would be helpful for them!

(Bill Flemming) #7

My company is also looking for this capability. Look forward to hearing more about progress toward this functionality.

(Ryan Dunlavy) #8

Hi @Bill_Flemming, I have passed this along to the product team. Thanks for the feedback!

(Shubham Goel) #9

Hi There,
Do we have any update on this request?

(Elliot Park) #10

Hey @Shubham_Goel,

No updates at the moment, but I can definitely let the product team know of your feedback!


(Matthew Chatham) #11

+1 here too!

(Noah) #12

+1 for us as well