Slow file related actions in IDE

We’ve noticed that a number of operations in the IDE seem to be quite slow and these seem to be related to files/git. Saving, deploying, checking status vs remote, switching branches all take a while - 20-60 seconds sometimes. It doesn’t sound a lot but it does slow down development quite a bit as these are all commonly repeated actions. We’re using hosted bitbucket so I don’t think that’s the problem.

Our devops team have been investigating and tried a few things as our instance is on-premises but haven’t had any luck. I don’t know exactly what they’ve tried but I thought I’d post here in in case there were any obvious suggestions for how to diagnose & fix this.

We also suffer from a bit of delay, I wouldn’t say any more than 10-20 seconds though at longest. I haven’t given it much thought to be honest but I feel that the longest delay has increased over the years (I guessing due to the amount of directories, files and busyness of our network, perhaps also the application mysql database but don’t think this is required for these actions other than logging the action)

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Thanks @IanT. I’m just a bit surprised as I’ve worked on a number of on-prem and hosted Looker instances and not noticed this before. The instance here is well provisioned as far as I know (e.g. the validator takes a couple of seconds) and it’s only existed for a few months so shouldn’t be weighed down with the number of files or general usage yet.

Simon, could it be possible that you haven’t yet migrated your new (you said it’s only been around for a couple months) instance over to a MySQL backend? If it’s still running HyperSQL, then those symptoms sound a bit like the standard help-my-backend-db-is-huge problems. Worth checking on!

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I’m told our instance is still using HyperSQL but we’re going to update to MySQL… thanks for the suggestion and fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

For sure! Before you update, you might want to check the size of the db— If you run du -h .db from the looker directory, it’ll tell you how big your db file is. If it’s approaching 500 or 600MB, then we usually suggest migration, but if it’s under that, there may be something else causing the slowness.

Hey, we still haven’t migrated to MySQL yet and one of our devops guys has a question - is it possible to use AWS Aurora or RDS for the MySQL server? He’d like to use this if possible to avoid having to manage another server but couldn’t find any information on this. Do you have any insight?

You bet, Simon! We actually recommend it in our docs and give some recommendations on what instance size to use:

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Hi Izzy, just wanted to follow up here. We’ve migrated to MySQL and it seems that it’s helped a bit, though we didn’t really measure anything so it’s hard to say for sure!

From my own use it certainly doesn’t seem any worse so I think we’re good.

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