Sharing Unused Content with non-admin users


(Dvorak) #1

Is there any way to share looks using this explore with non-admin users and without giving users see_system_activity permissions?

I’d like to do some cleanup for unused content and inform users that they can keep their looks/dashboard if they click on link available in look. Any tips? Thanks.

(Ian) #2

Hi, there are a couple of options which we have played around and/or implemented here.

  1. Get/develop your own version of iLooker so you can grant permissions as you see fit to different explores in model files.
  2. Generate an email/spreadsheet with this information and the link as you say and spam everyone (could be taken to the next level and you mail only the content owner/users who have viewed this content recently the relevant content which you intend to delete).

I found the sql query in the logs which the “unused content” page in Looker runs. I then replicated this through iLooker but changed the time period to 7 days less. Warned people I would delete all this content and a week later I used the UI to make the deletes (if they clicked the link then it would no longer be in danger of deletion). I also have the sql code to directly make the deletes in the application database (requires self hosting).

(Dvorak) #3

Thanks Ian!

Would you know any good sources for implementing own version of iLooker?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Ian) #4

This is my favourite topic with looker. I think iLooker model should be open source or published. I know it comes with issues but its better than people struggling around in the dark. I got a copy of iLooker model sent to me by our Looker contact and I have made changes and built more into it to give us functionality which we need. (You will need to be self hosted to access the application database)

(Dvorak) #5

Thanks a lot. This is not an option for us at this moment so I guess I’ll have to choose the second more annoying option.

I was able to generate HTML from look and store in S3 a distribute it through Cloudfront. I think we will have to do it like this for now.