Secondary axis creation?


(Corey) #1

Hi all,

I found a very old thread on secondary axis creation but the directions no longer apply or work.

I would like to create a secondary axis for a column + line chart. Could anybody please explain how I can do this?

Thank you,


(jon.allen) #2

Hi Corey,

To add a second series along the y-axis, you will want to open the gear menu in the visualization, go to the Y-axis tab, and you’ll see series in the “left axis”. Drag one of the series to the “right axis” to create a secondary y axis for that series. This is described, with pictures, in our documentation here. We also have a video tutorial which outlines this process here. Let us know if you have any difficulties or have any followup questions!


(Kevin McDonough) #3


Why is it not possible to do this with pivoted features? We are constantly running new tests, the name of which is an attribute. Not everyone running every test is capable of extending the LookML. Also, if I want looks for the test having different dimensions, I have to create a metric for every measure along every dimension. That number grows rapidly, and only because this feature is missing.


(Izzy) #4

Do you mean it’s not possible for you to automatically create secondary axes for every specific pivot-column of a measure? I just gave it a try and it seemed to let me put a pivoted measure on a secondary axis.

If you’ve got some screenshots of this that could be helpful for figuring out what’s going on!