Scheduling Dashboards (3.18+)

Scheduling a Dashboard is an easy way to get the right information into the hands of the right people right when they need it. Remember, using Scheduled Dashboards, PDF Dashboards, and Scheduled Visualizations all require PhantomJS to be installed (if you self-host) and this Labs Feature to be enabled on the admin panel:

##How to Schedule
Dashboards can be scheduled as a PDF attachment (3.18+) or inline visualization (3.20+) in an email. You can schedule a Dashboard from one of two places: the Space where that Dashboard lives or from the Dashboard itself.

In a Space:

**On a Dashboard:**

Once you've selected **Schedule...** from either place, you'll see the following modal: (note that this modal may look different depending on your current Looker version)

Just like a Look, you can select the timing for email delivery, the type of email that is sent (Inline Visualization or PDF Attachment), and any number of recipients.

Once the Dashboard has been scheduled, you can return to this modal from either the Space or the Dashboard to edit or delete this schedule. You can also jump directly to the schedule by clicking on the summary icon on the Dashboard within its Space:


HI there, I have tried to schedule a dashboard and receive an email containing this error

Your scheduled Dashboard “recording event distribution comparison” was unable to run due to an error. Please visit the Dashboard to view and resolve the error, or contact your Looker administrator if you need further assistance.
Error: Error occurred while generating this dashboard - contact administrator

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Hello Jack,

In general you should direct these kinds of questions to since it’s probably something specific to your instance/configuration.

Support will be able to walk you or your Looker’s administrator through the process of getting logs that will hopefully shed some light on the specific cause.