Scatter plots with metrics only on X & Y axes

I don’t see a way currently to have a scatterplot where the X & Y axes are both metrics like in this example chart. I’m able to do this in Data Studio but I don’t see a way to do it in Looker. When I try to replicate, it looks like there needs to be a dimension on at least one of the axes, rather than one bubble showing up for each dimension.


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I bet others have better and up to date examples, but this very old how-to shows an example:

Unless you’re running Looker pre 3.28, in which case… You may have some bigger fish to fry :wink:

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Hi there, I have a related question to this discussion. I am trying to do the same as Ben but I want to make it so that each point on the bubble chart (measure vs measure) can be its own series and thus have its own color (which would be shown on the legend). Any pointers?

Hmm, I’m not sure how to do this. Maybe by pivoting? If you have a dimension and 2 measures right now, and are only showing the measures in the scatter plot, if you pivot on the dimension you’ll get each one as its own series…

I think this might not work as it would render 2 series per dimension value (for each measure) but it may be worth exploring.

Followup: How many points do you have?

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually already tried that and like you said, it rendered 2 series per dimension value. I have 8 points and want each to be their own color (series).

You can do it in the vega visualization by selecting X as one of measures and Y as the other measure (under 1. Axes). Then under (2. Mark) choose Mark Type as Circle and Color as your Dimension.

It’s not super pretty but it does what you’re asking.

For reference: