Scaling issue


I’m trying to plot a couple of data a as bar chart. Since the bar have significantly different values, the small ones barely appear on the screen when I do the plot.

Like so:

Does anyone know a workaround for this?
I was thinking of maybe displaying somethin like a broken bar chart.

Thanks in advance.

I’d maybe think about making the y-axis logarithmic in this case - you should be able to find this under “Edit” in the visualisation then in the “Y” options. That could make things a little clearer if wanting to include all of them on one graph.

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hi, adstott 90,

unfortunately that is very likely to make hard for end users to read the values.
We thought about it, but the complexity gain doesn’t pay off

If you have or can add tiers or buckets to the data to separate the small and large values, you could use the Grid Layout visualisation option to split it into two similar charts which would both be scaled more appropriately and displayed alongside each other. You can have the charts split according to rows or pivots.

Thanks a lot, Simon !