[RETIRED]Why don't my table calculations have totals?


This article has been retired. The information is now in the Looker documentation on this page."

Table calculations of totals and row totals?
Table calculations of totals and row totals?
(Ethan Herdrick) #2

Is this post still the last word on this?

Since table calculations are performed after the SQL query finishes, this means that table calculations do not have totals.

I don’t quite follow. This would seem to imply that the totals should be available to the table calculations?

(William Lane) #3

Hiya Ethan,

Yes this still stands. What it means is totals for the table calculation column itself aren’t something Looker has right now. i.e.:

id count_measure Adjusted Count [Table Calc]
11 109 115
14 244 270
_ _ _
Total 253 _

But if you mean the total of the count measure above being available in table calculations, you can do that with the following syntax in the table calculation: ${count_measure:total}

(Marie Beaugureau) #4

As of Looker 6.2, table calculations now work with totals. See this documentation page for more information.