[RETIRED] Using Series Types to Create Mixed Type Visualizations (3.18+)

(Zachary Michel) #1

This article has been retired. The information is now in the Looker documentation on this page.


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(Aaron Bostick) #2

Just converted a chart to this and it looks great! Thanks for this!


(Fab) #3

Hey Zach,

If I have dates as X axis and 2 measures broken down by a pivot.
In my case, Number of job candidates and cost by source by week. How can I represent the Cost measure across all the different sources as line and Candidates as column?
I’m trying to understand how to use pivot with this new feature


(Zachary Michel) #4

Hey Fab,

When using a pivot, the value: type is the exact value as displayed in the legend. For example, check this out:

Essentially, each dimension - pivoted value combination is going to need a type declared.


(Anne) #5

Hi Zach,
I have a related question about plotting mixed viz types and pivot values. My challenge is that the scale of one set of values eclipses the scale of the other set. My understanding is that Looker doesn’t currently support the ability to plot pivot values on separate y-axes. However, is there a temporary solution I haven’t thought of. Also, do you have any idea if and when this feature might be possible?

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(Zachary Michel) #6

Hey Anne,

This is a known issue of our visualizations. Although we don’t have a fix ready in the short term, it is on our radar to get build into product in the future.

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Hi Zam,

How did you add the secondary axis in the combined chart?

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(Ian Ross) #8

The secondary y-axis is controlled by the “combine axes” toggle in the y section of the viz settings like so:

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How to add secondary axis in vertical bar graph
(Everydayeddie) #9

How do you format the secondary axis so that it goes on the right side of the chart, instead of both next to eachother on the left?


(Ben Chamberlain) #10

Note: this is now accessible through the Series section.

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