[RETIRED] Using map layers in static region maps (3.42+) and interactive maps (3.50+)

This article has been retired as the information is now in documentation on this page .


If I’ve built two zip maps: zip_los_angeles.topojson, and zip_seattle.topojson, is there a way to have a single dashboard display the Los Angeles map when I have the dashboard city filter set to ‘los_angeles’, and display the seattle map when I have the dash city filter set to ‘seattle’?

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This isn’t currently possible @brayden, but I’ll make sure our product team sees this!

Starting in Looker release 3.50, you can specify map layers also for interactive maps. In addition, two more built-in map layers have been added that can be used only with interactive maps. I have updated the original article to include this new functionality.

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hello I want to create heat map for US region where it can show western, southern, eastern, central region please help me.

Hey @Swapnil_Pimple
in order to make your custom map you could use in order to create the regions you need manually. This will give you the option to then download the TopoJSON data in a file to use in Looker for your map_layer.
One example of this process is showed here on github!

hello Romain, thanks for guidance need quick help. I want to highlight Alaska containing US (portion left to Canada) in blue (western US)

Hey @Swapnil_Pimple, ok the process will be same here.
On geojson, you can add the polygon for that region and when you click on the region, a pop up will appear, there you can assign it the same property key as another region in order to achieve this!

Thanks Romain done with all required changes :slight_smile: I am happy now :relaxed:

Hello @romain.ducarrouge,
Any idea, if I want to keep Looker’s world map, then highlight an area using a polygon as on your picture and then plot some GPS points?

Hey @Abdoul!
I believe we can use the approach listed on this article here to allow the plotting of GPS data on a specific region and control the region displayed.
Another approach that would be worth testing is the use of links!
In this approach we start from a Static Map (Regions) Look that shows the US for example to another Static Map (Region) Look showing only the area that was selected in the link, then an ultimate link to the Static Map (Points) displaying your GPS data.

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Thank you Romain, I would like to have more explanation on the second approach. The following picture is what I am looking for (with GPS points of course) .

One note I found - the Alpha-3 letter country codes do need to be UPPER to match to the map overlays