RETIRED: Table Calculations (3.18 Labs Feature)

Thanks @abbywest, your answer is helping me over a year later!

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Thanks for this!

Nice feature!

Def will give it a try

is there a way to make table calcs run faster?

Hey @Ari_Stern , we’re always working on making Looker faster. If you have a specific case where table calculations aren’t running as fast as you’d hope them to, feel free to send us an email at with your specific example so we can take a look!

Table calculations are great. 1 thing I’d love to be able to have is some sort of totalling feature on table calculations.

Duly noted @nick - I’ll pass your feedback along to the product team!

hello everyone ,
nice to know about this new technology,
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Will we ever be able to produce table calculation if function with different type of object outcomes? For example, the outcome could be a number or a string?

@vishesh_dahate may I recommend your post be moved to our hiring board,

@ajlooker Based on how sorting works in the application it would be difficult to return two different types of data in one column (numeric vs. alphanumeric sort). I’m curious what your problem is that is provoking the question though, as there may be some other workaround available.

Hello! I have a question - why do some of my calculations appear before my Count? I notice that these calcs end up not showing in my visualization (ie bar graph). I can’t seem to reorder the columns (of calcs).

Thanks in advance for any help!

@avanmeurs, If a table calculation doesn’t reference a measure, it will be treated like a dimension. By default, dimensions will always appear to the left of measures. Even if we use a table calculation to reference the dimension, i.e. ${dimension_name}, the table calc will appear to the left of measures.

The order of fields from left to right is dimensions, table calcs that reference dimensions, measures, table calcs that reference measures.

There are a couple of ways to work around this

If the dimension based table calc is a number you can do something like this to include a measure in the calc without it affecting the result:

${dimension} + ( ${measure} * 0 )

If it’s a string it’s a little trickier but something like this would do it:

if(length(${dimension_name}) + ${measure} >= 0, ${dimension_name}, ${dimension_name})

We’re using the if statement so that we can include a measure in the calculation. It doesn’t really matter if the condition in the if statement is true or false, since it will always return our string dimension.

This will force the calculations to the right of the results. Then you can click Hide from visualization on the original fields so that only the table calculations appear in the vis.

Hope that helps! If you have a particular column that is not functioning as expected, you can always shoot an email to and we’ll take a look.

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