[Retired] Keyboard Shortcuts


The content of this article has been updated and moved to Looker’s technical documentation here.

How to comment out a block of code
(Rob Grzywinski) #2

Is there a keyboard shortcut for validate? (Or even better: save and validate?) It’s a very common action when developing LookML.

(Paola) #3

Hey Rob, we currently don’t have that option but I will bring the idea to our product team for you!

(Tig Newman) #4

I’ve added another keyboard shortcut to the list above – control-shift-d toggles development mode on/off.

(Christian Eik) #5

This doesn’t actually work for me on Windows. It deletes the current line(s).

(aleks) #6

Hi Christian! Could you please e-mail support@looker.com with the details of what you are trying to do exactly so we can look at your case specifically!

(Tig Newman) #7

Christian, I’ve checked with our product team about the development mode toggle shortcut and discovered that the behavior depends on whether the cursor is focused on the editor.

For PCs, if you have clicked in the LookML editor, then the focus is on one or more lines in the editor. Then control-shift-D will duplicate the line(s) and control-D will delete line(s).

For PCs or Macs, if you click away from the editor, then control-shift-D toggles development mode. For example, you could first click the name of the file on the left or the black or grey color bars on the top of the page, then press control-shift-D.

I’ve updated the chart above to include this detail, as shown below.

Duplicate line or section                      (first click or select lines in editor) ⌘⇧D ⌃⇧D
Delete current or selected lines      (first click or select lines in editor) ⌘D ⌃D
Toggle development mode on/off   (first click away from editor) ⌃⇧D ⌃⇧D

Thanks Christian!

(Christian Eik) #8

Thanks for clarifying, works as described.

(Michael McCarthy) #9

Is there a keyboard shortcut to jump to the search bar? Would be really useful to have a toggle in/out of search kind of like “Command + K” in Slack. Thanks!


@mmccarthy The keyboard shortcut for the new search bar is Cmd + Shift + K! I’ve added that to the list above as well :relaxed:

(Michael McCarthy) #11

you. are. my. hero.

(kenneth.vinson) #12

I updated the dashboard and Explore keyboard shortcuts per the Help in release 5.4. I also added the new keyboard shortcut for file search in the IDE.

(Tig Newman) #13

I updated this article with the menu option for seeing the keyboard shortcuts and some other additions.

(molly.lippsett) #14

Updated today to include the new shortcut for Find & Replace!

(kenneth.vinson) #15

This article has been retired and moved to technical documentation here.