[RETIRED]Creating Reference Lines for Charts through the Visualization Editor (3.18+)

(Michael Erasmus) #21

Yes! Would love to have this as well!

(Brett Sauve) #22

@nflaherty and @Michael_Erasmus ā€¦ there are some creative methods for vertical reference lines along the x-axis here:

(Jonathon Latorre) #23

Once a reference line is created, is there a way to delete it?

(William Lane) #24

@Jon_L Yes there sure is a way to delete Reference Lines!

(Jonathon Latorre) #25

Thx! Just needed to expand my screen and the X showed up. Duhhhhh. Appreciate the reply!

(Brian Winkle) #26

Is it possible to select which Y-axis youā€™d like to attach the reference line to?

(Morgan Imel) #27

Hey @Brian_Winkle,

Right now reference lines can only be applied to the first series (the leftmost column in the result set). However, this is something that may come in a future release- Iā€™ll add your feedback!

For now, you can get around this by either rearranging your columns, or using table calculations to create a reference line.

(Brian Winkle) #28

Rearranging my columns worked, but Iā€™d still very much like this feature because now that I had to rearrange my line series is behind my column series.

(Morgan Imel) #29

Thanks for the feedback @Brian_Winkle. Let me know if you want some help testing out the table calculation method!

(Andrew Harkness) #30

Hi - IS it now possible to create a reference line that takes all of the pivots into account?

(Paola) #31

Hey @Andrew_Harkness , reference lines currently only apply to the first series in a pivot. I can let our product team know youā€™re interested in having this as a feature!

(Massimiliano Scrigner) #32

@Morgan any update? Here I am experiencing the same struggle :slight_smile:

(Spencer White) #33

Hey @mscrigner, At this time Reference lines will only be applied to the first series in an Explore. Iā€™ll definitely let the product team know youā€™d like to be able to do this.

(sri) #34

The live Looker link in Creating Reference Lines for Charts through the Visualization Editor (3.18+) 404s. Would be very helpful if you could link to update the links @colin .

(Colin) #35

Seems the models changed underneath, but hereā€™s a similar example:

(Mike Rogove) #36

Is it possible to reference a value from an external table?

For example, Iā€™m considering creating a centralized table that contains the goals for a series of metrics. Letā€™s say these goals change from quarter to quarter; rather than update a series of dashboards and hunt all over tarnation to fix these hardcoded values, can the reference lineā€¦ reference a value in a table?

(Carl Saffron) #37

Hi Mike,

There is not currently a way to create a dynamic reference line derived from the result of a query. I let our product team know that this is something youā€™d like to use.

Alternatively, you could use your data and add that as a line series, as referenced above/linked here.


(Greg Roberts) #38

Adding my voice to the conversation here to say that not being able to have reference lines tied to more than just the first series is a really big miss. All the ā€˜workaroundsā€™ discussed in this thread wlil suffice, but also demonstrate what a simple feature this would be to implement!