[RETIRED] Connecting to Snowflake

(Erin Franz) #1

The content of this article has been updated and moved to Looker’s technical documentation here.

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(Ebjpdx) #2

One more note that might save someone else’s confusion. The “account” parameter you need for the JDBC string is not the same as the user_name.

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(Tig Newman) #3

As of 4.10, we have upgraded to the latest Snowflake driver.


(Hui Zheng) #4

Thank you for the post. I was still confused in setup when I read

The “account” parameter you need for the JDBC string is not the same as the user_name.

After a while, I realized that in account=[account_name]&warehouse=[warehouse_name], the “account” parameter indicates your snowflake instance account, not your user connection account. The snowflake instance account is usually the first part of your snowflake instance host URL.

For example, if your Snowflake Host URL is looker.db.snowflake.com, then account=looker_db


(kenneth.vinson) #5

Just added the “Feature Support” section to this article.


(William Lane) #6

If you hit an error like this while trying to run queries against Snowflake:

Java::NetSnowflakeClientJdbc::SnowflakeSQLException: No active warehouse selected in the current session. Select an active warehouse with the 'use warehouse' command. 

You’ll need to check the following:

1 .As noted above, confirm that your “Additional Parameters:” section of the connection contains at least the following:


2 .Ensure you haven’t missed any of the steps in the article above, especially these:

-- create a warehouse for looker (optional)
create warehouse if not exists looker_wh
--set the size based on your dataset
warehouse_size = xsmall
warehouse_type = standard
auto_suspend = 1800
auto_resume = true
initially_suspended = true;
grant all privileges
on warehouse looker_wh
to role looker_role;

Note the “grant” at the end there which is key.


(alissa) #7

As of 5.16, we’ve enhanced the Snowflake LookML generator to better preserve character casing and properly identify all timestamp types.


(kenneth.vinson) #8

I retired this article. The content can be found in Looker’s documentation here.