(Resolved) Font Awesome

I’ve seen a few examples using Font Awesome. I can’t figure it out. How do I add it to my dashboard?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @JakubD

I think FontAwesome is used by Looker so the icons are available for you to use in Markdown document and field HTML. For example, I tested this with a dummy dimension:

dimension: test_fa {
  type: string
  sql: '' ;;
  html: <i class='fa fa-ambulance'></i> ;;

When this is rendered you’ll see the icon in the table:

If you want large icons you can use a single value visualisation.

I’m not sure which version of FA is used but I think the most common icons should be available.


Would you know how to use them in a text tile?

Not sure what you mean by text file - the fontawesome icons are HTML so only work in rendered HTML or Markdown which eventually renders HTML.

I found the way. It’s the same. Thanks