Repeat buy analysis problem


(Luc) #1

Hi all,

I am new to the community and I have some problems figuring something out. I have built retention logic based of the signup date of a user and I have built similar logic based off the first transaction date of a user. In both cases it looks at the number of users in a period and than looks at the next periods to see how many have done another transaction.

I would also like to do this in a more flexible way, where the analysis looks at all the users that do a transaction in a given period and then shows how many have also done a transaction in the next month and the next month.

Seems very straight forward, but I have problems trying to figure at the logic where the analysis knows how to select the group. With retention based of account creation you can use that as a reference date, but for this you have a flexible date.

Below an example:

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction?



(srinija.godavarthi) #2

Hi @luclafleur,
This article on retention analysis should help you more with what you’re working with: [Analytic Block] Retention Analysis

Let us know if you have any other in depth questions, and you can always e-mail to get help from our analysts!

(Luc) #3

Hi Srinija,

I found the problem. In the end I was just trying to do to much in 1 explore. As soon as I cleaned up the code and wrote a separate explore for this it worked. Works similar to the account retention and first buys retention I already had and the Rentention Analysis Block you mention describes it perfectly.