Relative Range filter

Just a thought… it’d be really great to have an “is between” option for business users to use. Logically, maybe they could select the “is between” option, and then have two specific date pickers presented like this:

Totally! We do have the “Range” option

but it doesn’t allow relative input. I think the UI of that, just with relative input, would be perfect.

I agree izzy, that’d be fantastic.

Hey Izzy! Just wondering whether this piqued anyone else at Looker’s curiosity. Like you mentioned, the logic is there, it would probably just be a UI build.

There hasn’t been movement on this yet, but yeah, I wonder if it would be something really easy to do or if it’s secretly very complex… Maybe I’ll tinker around with it.

You’re a gentleman and a scholar, but no worries either way, I know you’re a busy guy!