Referencing Liquid Filter from ${view_name.SQL_TABLE_NAME}


I am building a view (let’s call this “view_name_2”), that is based on another view (let’s call this one “view_name”), and I am referencing the table as “${view_name.SQL_TABLE_NAME}.”

However, this ${view_name.SQL_TABLE_NAME} view has liquid date filters, such as “{% condition date_filter %} _PARTITIONTIME {% endcondition %}”.

When I try to run “view_name_2” with date_filters - errors pop up because the date_filter is not propagating to “view_name.”

Is there a way for the filter (filter: date_filter type: date }) in “view_name_2” to apply to “view_name?”

The only solutions I can think of is to replicate “view_name” in “view_name_2” by copy and pasting the sql. However, the issue with this is if I need to update the logic in “view_name” then I will also need to update “view_name_2.” This creates double work which is something I am trying to avoid.

Or I can update the liquid filters in “view_name” to “{% condition view_name_2.date_filter %} _PARTITIONTIME {% endcondition %}.” That means “view_name” can’t be used outside of “view_name_2” - but, “view_name” is still relevant but just not for this particular build.

Any advice would be appreciated.