[Recommended] Configuring the Okta-Provided Looker App


Looker is now an Okta-verified application, which means that a connector is available within Okta to configure Looker. We recommend that you use this Okta-provided option in most cases, though if you run into problems, you can also set up your own app, as described in Discourse posts here and here.

Note that you must have SAML enabled on your instance by Looker - if it is not already enabled on your instance, please contact help.looker.com before starting this process.

Getting Started

In Okta, go to the Admin Page.

Hit the shortcut to Add Application:

From the Add Application page, type in Looker.

General Settings

Each input line lets you know what pieces of information to include

Assign people in your Okta system to Looker:

Find those users whom you want to give access to Looker.

Then, continue to the Sign On page and click “View Setup Instructions”:

That page includes detailed docs to finish the set-up process.