Question: Dynamic Filter

Hi Looker Community,

I’m working through a project right now and could use some expert guidance.

I currently have an existing dashboard with a set of tiles that I am happy with at the moment, but would like it to automatically input a dynamic set of data to filter it by. This filter would be an everchanging set of names that are selected based on a certain ranking, and at the moment, I am inputting the top 100 names from this list in manually. Ideally, I’d be able to filter my dashboard so that it shows everything filtered by segments of people (top 100, top 200, top 300, etc.) in real time without having to input anything in manually at all. Can anyone think of a way to go about this?

Let me know if this could use some clarification; any input would be highly appreciated.

Hi @Alex_res,

Am I correct in thinking what you basically want to do is rank people by a measure? In this case, if you have a table with two columns, one being names and the other the measure you want to rank the people by, you should just be able to order by the measure you want to order by.

Is this what you’re after, or have I misunderstood the question? If not, do you have any screenshots etc. for clarity at all?

Thanks, Adam

My solution to this would be to create a table with your rank and save it as a view, join it to the other views you are interested in. Within your new table, build out a tier dimension (or make that part of your pre-looker build to add a categorical variable or bucketing. In your dashboard, set up a global filter pointing at the new table with either filter condition “rank <= 100” or your new tier/category of “top 100”

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