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Query Status -> Cache_only_miss

Under Admin > Database > Queries, we just started to notice queries with a status of Cache_only_miss


Does anyone know what this status means or what may cause a query to report in this status instead of a status listed on https://docs.looker.com/admin-options/database/queries ?


Would be very curious to know the answer to this as well!

@brent_shreve @Abtin hi I’m Nate, the engineering manager for the team that manages query execution. This was a bug that was the result of a change with how we do some simple bookkeeping during the process of looking up a query when trying to render a dashboard. I’m using the past tense because this has been resolved internally and these will not be seen once we ship our patches over the next few weeks.

To provide more detail: In this case the system is asynchronously asking only the cache (hence cache_only_miss) for a query and doesn’t find it. We make these kinds of request to our cache to help dashboards render quickly. The queries do eventually get run, but only later in a dashboard’s lifecycle.

Let me know if that helps,


@natenate I feel honored that you returned from your 3-year discourse hiatus to weigh in on this issue :grinning: Your explanation is helpful and clear. I’ll pass along the details to my team and we’ll look forward to these messages disappearing in a future version.

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