Public dashboard embeds!

Please can we have the ability to take the dashboard that is perfectly set up within looker and instead of preview embed and have it behind pw protected logins have it be able to be open to whomever we share it with.

We can password protect it via i-Frames on our own domain just do not want to constantly update looker and the domain and do not want to give anyone I want to demo our product too a looker login!

Please let us know when this will happen!! We have been asking for a long time.

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Ideally using javascript…there are other tools that allow for this. Thanks.

Hey guys,

I believe our Powered By Looker option should fit your needs.
You can read lots more about it here but the nutshell of it is that PBL allows users to authenticate using SSO so they don’t need to actively login to view a Looker iframe.

Let me know if yo have any questions!